You can easily output a single download using the [ddownload] shortcode. You must supply a download ID and optional attributes can be supplied to modify the output. To output a download using the default settings: [ddownload id="123"]

You can find the ID of a download in the All Downloads screen.

All Downloads Screen

When no optional attributes are supplied Delightful Downloads will use the default values which can be configured in the Settings screen under the Shortcodes tab.

Settings Screen Shortcodes Tab


The following optional attributes will modify the output on a per-download basis.


Set the text to display on links/buttons. You may use wildcards to dynamically enter data.

[ddownload id="123" text="Download my File"]


Set which output style to use. The default output styles are link, button or plain text. Custom output styles can also be added, as detailed here.

[ddownload id="123" style="link"]


Set which button to use if the style attribute is set to button. The default buttons are black, blue, grey, green, purple, red and yellow. Custom buttons can also be added, as detailed here.

[ddownload id="123" style="button" button="red"]


Add any custom CSS classes to the output.

[ddownload id="123" class="custom-class button-large"]


A link output with the file size displayed:

[ddownload id="123" style="link" text="Download (%filesize%)"]

A button output with the download count displayed:

[ddownload id="123" style="button" text="Download (%count%)"]