Wildcards allow you to dynamically enter data associated with a download. The available wildcards are:


The number of times the download has been downloaded.


The date the download was published.


The file extension.


The file name of the download.


The file size of the download.


The unique identifier of the download.


The mime type of the download.


The title of the download entered in the Add Download screen.


The URL to the download file.

Where To Use Them

Wildcards can generate dynamic data in the following places:

The text attribute of the [ddownload] shortcode. Examples:

[ddownload text="Download - %date%"]

[ddownload text="Download (%filesize%)"]

[ddownload text="Download (Downloaded: %count%)"]

The Default Text field in the Settings screen under the Shortcodes tab.

Settings Screen Default Text

When registering custom list styles, as detailed in this how to.